Hair Patch Service

Permanent Hair Patch in Panipat

Hair patch is an instant hair loss solution without any side effect on a cost-effective basis. The Raj Hair Solution ensures that hair patches in Panipat come in natural style appearance, comfortable to wear, lightweight and totally maintenance free. The hair patches are for both ladies and gents. A person can use hair patches instantly and it is the best non- surgical option for hair loss issues.Mono-filament hair patches features or Advantages include:
Natural Stylish Appearance
Comfort in Worn
Light Weighted
Low Cost
Trouble-free Maintenance
Non-surgical Course of Action
Zero Side-effects
Stylish End Result

How to apply hair patch
The hair patch is applied by cleaning, drying and using ultra hold adhesive glue to the underside of the patch. Then the hair patch is fixed on the specific area and press for some seconds. It stays accurately in the area with little or no hair. It is better than any little hair in the specific area, where the patch is going to be placed is cleaned, so that patch is fixed accurately. The clips are used when hair patch is used on hair areas. The clips also enable to remove and fix again anytime the user wants. It looks natural.

Benefits of hair patches
The hair patch covers only small bald areas of the scalp. It is preferred by those who do not want a wig and also have little hair loss. It is considered 100 % safe and comes with no side effect. The patch is ready made. It only requires adhesive glue to fix on the bald area of the scalp. Its fixing does not require any cuts, surgery or stitches. Hair patch is in many sizes, styles, and shapes and fixing are done in 10 -20 minutes. It is removed whenever the user likes. Only normal cleaning, shampoo, conditioner, oil and serum are required.

Hair Patch for man is available at our hair patch centre. You can also choose from Front Lace hair patch, Full Lace hair patch, Swiss Lace Hair patch, Silicon systems, French lace hair patches, Hair replacement systems and toupees. Raj Hair Solution always ensures the best quality products are offered at the best rates.The Raj Hair Solution has expertise to fix hair patches permanently or temporary depending on the choice and preference of the customer. Comprehensive discussions take place with the client to understand the need for a hair patch.

The suggestions are also made by our experts to help clients select the best hair patch that matches their personality, face, personal and professional life.Hair patch cost for ladies entirely depend upon hair length she desires along with the hair quality. We offer human Remy or virgin natural hair patches for ladies as well as best hair patches for men. Our experts help the client pick up the hair patch that matches her style at our hair wigs shop in Panipat at cheapest prices.Hair patching fixing can be fixed temporarily through a method known as clip-on extension.
The permanent hair fixing is done by various methods such as silicon bonding adhesive method, braided sew which is in hair weaving, and tape-in attachment style. The service provider helps a lady select the best style perfectly blending with her personality and style.The biggest advantage of hair patches is that the treatment is cost effective and gives natural results with stylish hair. It is a simple process and the best option for those who do not want to go through costly surgical procedures.